Acknowledging Greatness

Every family has its dynamic and they can be unique. In some, the parents dominate and control virtually all activity. This can be a bit restraining and curb freedom of thought. It doesn’t foster creativity for the most part. I prefer a looser structure, but we do have one and we call it Older Siblings Rule. Everyone respects it and looks forward to what these kids decide. The younger ones acknowledge their experience and greatness when they come up with new ideas. Most decisions sit on the practical side of the equation or apply to special occasions. Recently the rule was applied to an impending celebration for the family.

The older siblings needed a designated space for a grand party as they planned on many guests. We don’t often have such events so we wanted to include friends, neighbors, colleagues, and extended family. Where would there be enough room? We thought about the basement as it is roomy and fairly well organized, but it is gloomy. We could rent a public hall, they suggested, and we started to look around. There are community enters and churches that have rooms for special occasions. Finally, we found the right one. It was big enough and had windows for natural light. No gloom. It was plain but it could be decorated and the ceiling lighting was pretty attractive. The older siblings would be in charge of making the room attractive. It would be the party of a lifetime. The younger kids would be recruited for various tasks such as helping display food and clean up. During the party, everyone would be socializing and making guests welcome. But there was one matter that had to be taken care of first.

Oddly enough, the rented room, as nice as it looked, smelled kind of moldy. Perhaps because it hadn’t been aired out in quite a while. We requested the caterer to pry open as many windows as he could to let in fresh air. He also suggested renting an air purifier and turning it on the day before so it had plenty of time to be in operation. We would also spray the room with a mild scent or thought of lighting candles for the table. I am told they absorb odor. With all these ploys, we hoped to have the problem taken care of. If not, it was up to the older siblings to take charge. They found that they could rent a large air purifier or had the option to add a second or third. Each would be placed strategically around the room. We hoped they wouldn’t be noticed or at least not as much as the moldy smell.

The day of the party, the room was fine. No telltale mold. During the party there was nary a single complaint or remark about the units. As they did make a bit of a noise, we turned them off well before guests arrived. Because of our advanced planning, it was a delightful party beautiful lit with an assortment of candles.